Melody Bray for Georgia State Senate District 38
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Melody Bray Kicks-Off Run in Democratic Primary for Georgia State Senate, District 38


  • In one week, Bray raised nearly $80,000 for campaign
  • Bray casts vision to show up and take action for District 38

ATLANTA, Oct. 6, 2021-- Today, longtime Atlanta resident and activist Melody Bray launched her candidacy in the Democratic Primary for Georgia State Senate, District 38. She enters the race with nearly $80,000 raised and over 120 unique donors, setting up for a successful grassroots run.

“I’ve spoken to many of you who express your disgust with politics, and I hear you. But now is not the time to give up, it’s the time to show up,” said Bray. “What is going on in our local government has real impact on your daily life. Our best response is vigilance in holding our leaders accountable and showing up to take action in big ways and small ways.”

In the midst of the 2020 election, Bray founded and served on The Georgia 55 Project mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to fight against voter suppression. During this time, she saw the positive change that can happen when people show up together towards a common goal. She challenged the community to show up together for District 38 and sees voting rights as a key issue for her district and the State.

“What I learned from our voting rights work at The Georgia 55 Project is that voting should be easier, not harder. I shouldn’t have to stand at a MARTA station week after week walking people through the process. Can you imagine an Atlanta where every registered voter was given an equal opportunity to vote regardless of what neighborhood they live in, the hours of their job, or their ability to read and write? We can do that if we show up together,” said Bray.

After serving 10 years as a lawyer in Fulton and DeKalb counties, Bray became an expert in how local government works and impacts local citizens. Now as a successful realtor and community activist, she also sees what citizens need from their local governments to thrive.

With one in eight Atlantans unsure where their next meal is coming from and the average home price in Atlanta increasing by an astounding 25 percent, she sees food stability and affordable housing as priority issues. She has spent years advocating for these issues serving on the Board of Urban Recipe and working with CityRootsATL.

“Can you imagine an Atlanta where not only are our kids not hungry, but their education is strengthened because we are treating the whole child? How could that affect our job market and recruiting businesses to come to our city? We can do that if we show up together.” said Bray. “How about an Atlanta where the people who teach our children...the folks who run buses and serve at our restaurants...the very people who help make Atlanta the best city in the South, are able to find safe and affordable housing in our city and enjoy it too? We can do that if we show up together.”

Bray believes that a New South is possible. She believes we can be an example of what can be achieved when our representatives show up and listen to what is needed and where neighbors show up for one another to create lasting change.

“We can be a region known for opportunity, not oppression; for inclusivity not exclusion,” said Bray. “That is why I am running to be the next State Senator for District 38. I hope that you’ll join me.”


Media Contact:  Holly Frew,, 770-842-6188

About Melody Bray: Melody Bray is a first-generation immigrant, successful Atlanta lawyer, small business owner and activist who is running in the Democratic Primary for Georgia State Senate, District 38. During the 2020 election season, Bray founded The Georgia 55 Project, a successful grassroots effort to fight against voter suppression. She is running for State Senate to be an active, thoughtful leader who is willing to listen, innovate and implement practical solutions that will make metro Atlanta a place where everyone can thrive. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Melody Bray for Georgia State Senate District 38
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